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My Personal Programmer uses pre-installed applications and sub-systems within the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Below is a list of products required to be installed on the operating system to utilize the full capabilities of My Personal Programmer development tool.

Microsoft® Windows operating system 7 and above. My Personal Programmer will work on both desktop and server operating systems.

Microsoft® Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) 3.5 or greater. Microsoft provides ODBC to connect to multiple databases that utilize the operating system environment.

Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 or greater. If you will be using .NET to extend the functionality of My Personal Programmer, you will need .NET framework installed on your workstation. My Personal Programmer can use compiled console applications from .NET or traditional languages to script in additional functionality.

NOTE: It is not required to have .NET for My Personal Programmer applications. Only if you will be extending functionality you can use .NET as an extension.

Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or greater. To support html and scripting languages within My Personal Programmer, you will need Internet Explorer 11 or greater. My Personal Programmer uses a browser control that interacts with web content and scripting engines within the application.