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My Personal Programmer™ supports development for many types of applications. The following is a list of My Personal Programmer's product features.

  • Integrated Development Environment provides for What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG), when creating and positioning objects onto windows within applications.
  • Support for menus, panels, and dialogs. Custom objects for displaying text, images, animation, html, and controls.
  • Support for C#, VB, C/C++, JScript, python and other development platforms that can extend My Personal Programmer, adding additional functionality and custom processing.
  • Support for Microsoft® Access Database, Microsoft SQL Server, SQLite, and ODBC compliant databases, such as MySQL, Sybase, DB2 and Oracle.
  • Support for Microsoft® Azure cloud development. Connect to secure cloud services and databases with no additional effort or ability.
  • Direct access to the Internet, for downloading objects such as images and data files. Support for Microsoft® embedded browser controls, enabling Javascript and VBScript to be directly incorporated into your applications.
  • Custom My Personal Programmer actions and events that interact with controls and objects within your application.
  • Online support with sample applications, tutorials, and help files to assist you in getting the most out of your development. The tutorials take you step-by-step, suggesting the best approach for using My Personal Programmer.
  • Royalty-free distribution of the applications developed with My Personal Programmer, without the need of runtime licenses or additional software.
  • My Personal Programmer is a rapid application development (RAD) tool that provides a rich programming environment for the development of simple to complex applications.
  • Support for mobile devices through the internet and cloud supporting both virtual and remote applications.