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M:Pact Technologies is committed to providing products that are easy, productive, technically sound and financially responsible to use.

Our company is dedicated to designing a development tool that can produce many types of applications, without the need of special training or months learning a programming language.

We define our development platform within three tiers: [the cloud], [the network], and [the client]. Each has a specific role, and each can be utilized by the developer(s) to enrich the business orientation and schema. In our framework, cloud computing is not considered a website, or even a webpage, but an event rich environment that can utilize data from across many cloud nodes, eliminating a single point of entry.

We believe information should not be limited to a server defined set of rules. Rather, data should be independent of the holding authority, managing across the network itself, not within the confines of proprietary parameters which are difficult to interact with.

To accomodate this goal, we have implemented a development platform, designed for business, that utilizes a stable and consistent mechanism for project development. We purposely eliminated many open source tools, objects, and methods that could increase completion time, including the difference in programmer's individual style and capabilities. We have eliminated 80 percent or better of code language required for the average to midsize business application.

Our objective is a simple one: merging data and logic to business rules without the overhead of computer languages and syntax defined in traditional development for cloud and desktop computing.

We recognize as business information becomes more dependent on local and global cyclic conditions, applications consuming this data will demand quicker modifications to meet business needs. As cloud technology emerges, focus will be on speed of execution, consistency, and accuracy of data as defined within this paradigm.

We believe that business rule development will overtake coding language and syntax development, merging both within a universal business model to meet the demands of operations and data exchange. My Personal Programmer defines this paradigm as an excellent choice for cloud computing, eliminating the challenges within proprietary language constructs between business requirements and legacy platforms.