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My Personal Programmer is an internet development tool designed to create business and educational applications using the Microsoft Windows® operating systems. My Personal Programmer enables users to create and build applications quickly without having to learn a programming language.

Productivity - Eliminates 80% or better of coding syntax allowing non-technical as well as experienced programmers the ability to build applications in a fraction of the time traditional programming languages require.

Distribution - Designed with a distribution model allowing applications to be placed on a webserver and launched using My Personal Programmer's AppViewer™, making a great alternative to web based programming for desktop computing.

Microsoft® Azure - Support for Microsoft® Azure services, allowing applications using databases hosted from a certified data center.

DigiCert® Certified - DigiCert® signed and certified to eliminate the risk of adware and malware from possible unauthorized file authentication.

Pricing - My Personal Programmer's pricing is very simple. You get a single license copy of the complete programming package for $29.00 US dollars. Keeping the cost of purchasing to a minimal, return on investment is guaranteed compared to other development tools available.

Academic / eLearning / Student Education - Teach programming concepts, event-driven programming, web programming, cloud computing and scripting without extensive knowledge using the syntax of a programming language.

Youtube™ Training Videos - Youtube training videos to assist with programming tutorials. Once trained, develop real-world applications without months learning a programming language.

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Full 30 day money back guarantee if you find My Personal Programmer doesn't meet the development needs outlined by our product description and training videos.