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My Personal Programmer is a development tool designed to create business and educational software using the Microsoft Windows® operating systems. My Personal Programmer is designed to teach and enable individuals to build applications quickly without having to learn a previous programming language.

Academic / eLearning / Student Education - Using Coding for Kids online learning, My Personal Programmer has a built-in training curriculum for each level of individual, starting with kids, teens, and adults. You will get coding for kids hands-on training, and through self-pace study, develop software and web applications easily and quickly.

Coding for Kids Bootcamp - This learning curriculum is designed for kids just starting out, providing the beginning basics of programming and coding at a level each child can understand. Included are interactive tutorials, enabling parents and teachers to follow along during course duration.

Coding for Kids Academy - This learning curriculum is the next level for kids after coding for kids bootcamp. It provides a continuation of study, following along the same path for development and participation.

Coding for Kids College - This learning curriculum is the third level for kids after coding for kids academy. It provides an intermediate level of study, with challenging projects that are fun and easy to follow.

Coding for Kids University - This learning curriculum is the fourth level for kids after coding for kids college. It provides a second intermediate level of study, again with challenging projects that are exciting and quick to implement.

Coding for Kids Graduate - This learning curriculum is the fifth and final level for kids after coding for kids university. It provides an advanced level of study, aimed toward projects that are designed to introduce the child to real-world software development.

My Personal Programmer's website is compatible with earlier versions of Windows®, designed with a narrower view, allowing the tutorial page to be shown at the same time using the development tool. This enables the student to view and interact with each tutorial during class participation.

Distribution - My Personal Programmer is designed with a distribution model allowing completed applications to be placed on a webserver and launched using AppViewer™, making a great alternative to web based development for desktop computing.

Microsoft® Azure - Support for Microsoft® Azure services, allowing applications using databases hosted from a certified cloud-based data center.

DigiCert® Certified - DigiCert® signed and certified to eliminate the risk of adware and malware from possible unauthorized file authentication.

Pricing - My Personal Programmer's pricing is very simple. You get all of the software and online tutorials for a one-time registration fee. The registration fee is a flexible pricing agreement. Just send us an email at, along with your price offered, and we will accept or counter based on your submission. We understand that not everyone has budgeted for a fixed price amount, and we want to ensure your child has the opportunity to use this training package. Once the mutual agreement is made, we will send you a link via paypal for secured payment.

Group Pricing - We also have group pricing if you are a school or organization and want a per seat agreement. Group pricing is the same, just email at, give us the number of seats, and the price per seat for your price offer agreement, and we will accept or counter based on your submission.

Full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Full 30 day money back guarantee if you find My Personal Programmer doesn't meet the development needs outlined by our product description and training videos.