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My Personal Programmer™ is a development studio designed to quickly create desktop or cloud-based applications using Microsoft® Windows. With no prior experience coding, you can easily develop custom applications for business and client workflows. Build applications fast, saving hours of time and expense compared to using traditional programming languages. Publish applications on the cloud or webserver for enterprise deployment, increasing ROI on each application developed.

Microsoft® Office 365 - My Personal Programmer is an ideal solution for interacting with data between user interfaces and Microsoft® Office 365, working with csv files, forms input, data consolidation; implementing a record-based solution for transferring data between users and business systems.

Integrated Development Environment - My Personal Programmer's IDE is easy-to-use, and provides a toolkit for building simple to complex applications.

Distribution - My Personal Programmer is designed with a royalty free distribution model, allowing completed applications to be placed on a webserver or local file share. This is a great alternative to using traditional web development for building applications.

Microsoft® Azure - Support for Microsoft® Azure, virtual desktop, cloud databases, and network file management.

Microsoft® Remote Desktop - Applications developed with My Personal Programmer can run on Apple Mac® or Google Android® desktops, tablets, and devices, extending the number of workstations that can interact with applications you create.

Digicert® Signed - My Personal Programmer is Digicert® EV Code signed; providing security and authentication embedded within Microsoft® Windows.

Free Online Tutorials - Training for My Personal Programmer is free and available on YouTube®. Each video will step you through how to build applications quickly, focusing on business rules, including user interfaces, database design, cloud programming, and additional business and user skills.