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My Personal Programmer™ is a fast and easy business office development studio designed to create business desktop and workgroup applications using Microsoft® Windows. With no prior experience, you can easily develop office applications faster than other programming tools in the market today. Build expert applications, saving time and expense compared with traditional programming languages. When completed, you can publish your applications, sharing access with others on what you've created.

Eliminate Frustration - My Personal Programmer is designed as a code-free development tool. The concept is that individuals should be able to quickly develop business office applications without the frustration learning the syntax of a programming language.

Business Office - My Personal Programmer is designed with a very simple IDE (Integrated Development Environment), making office applications easy to design and interface with. Giving each user the ability to create custom business applications that will increase productivity, and make work in the office easier with daily tasks. The goal of this product is to help assist with building workflows that interact with data and sytems with ease-of-use.

Types Of Applications - My Personal Programmer supports the development of databases, spreadsheets, business automation, file management, presentation, forms, security, reports, and other types of workflows. This gives a broad opportunity to build many types of applications that can be shared with users. Royalty-free distribution of the applications created, letting you publish on a file folder, shared directory, cloud repository, email, webserver, or host of your choice.

Educational Opportunities - My Personal Programmer is a great development platform for learning business office programming. Giving individuals the ability to understand event-driven interfaces, database creation, file management, and other computer concepts and techniques they can extend at their own pace. Business office development to increase productivity and make daily tasks easier to complete.

Free Online Tutorials - Training for My Personal Programmer is free and available on YouTube®. Each video will step you through building applications quickly, focusing on how best to use the development tool. Each video is short and to the point, making it easy to understand. Starting at beginner, intermediate, and then advanced, giving you an easy learning curve at your own pace that other tutorials don't usually provide.

Try-Before-You-Buy - We believe you should have a chance to try our product before you buy. Giving you the opportunity to determine if this business development tool will fit your office needs. The trial version is limited, with the ability to follow the beginning tutorials. Once purchased, you will receive a license key that will unlock the functionality of the development tool, allowing all the beginning, intermediate, and advanced tutorials to be available, including the royalty-free distribution of the applications you create.