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Registering My Personal Programmer

A registration license of My Personal Programmer is per flexible pricing agreement. Just send an email at along with your price offered, and we will accept or counter based on your submission. We understand not everyone has budgeted for a fixed price amount, and we want to ensure your child has the opportunity to use this training package. Once a mutual agreement is made, payment link will be sent via email. We use PayPal secured transaction processing for our payments, which supports the following credit cards , including Debit or Checking ACH.

NOTE: PayPal doesn't require a PayPal account to use a secured credit card or debit transaction.

If you would prefer using another source of payment, please email us at, and we will send you a registration form with quantity and total cost of transaction.

Once the payment transaction is complete, you will be notified through email receiving a registration key to fully utilize and start Coding for Kids Academy with My Personal Programmer.

Once registered, you will receive free updates to My Personal Programmer, and continued online Coding for Kids tutorials for expanding a working knowledge of programming and computer science.

You will also be able to distribute your applications royalty-free, sharing your software with friends, family, schools and businesses.

Thank you for registering My Personal Programmer, and support of Coding for Kids Academy. We hope this product provides you with the building blocks needed to code and develop fun and exciting internet and desktop applications.