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Purchasing My Personal Programmer

My Personal Programmer is free to try providing a generic registration key. You can use this limited version to interact with the online videos, letting you 'try before you buy', giving you the opportunity to determine if this product will benefit your development needs.

A single license copy of My Personal Programmer is $30.00 US dollars. To purchase, please select the "Buy Now" button. We use PayPal secured transaction processing for our payments, which supports the following credit cards , including Debit or Checking ACH.

NOTE: PayPal doesn't require a PayPal account to use a secured credit card or debit transaction.

Once the payment transaction is complete, you will be notified through email receiving a license key registered to My Personal Programmer.

Once purchased, you will receive free updates to My Personal Programmer, and continued on-line help and tutorials on how to use My Personal Programmer.

Thank you for purchasing My Personal Programmer. We hope this product provides you with what you need for building fast and easy cloud and desktop applications.